Women in White (2 Diptychs)

  Photos taken by first-time contributor Claire Elisabeth, a native of Daytona Beach, Florida. Throughout her life, she has resisted the self-awareness of her fluctuating anxieties tied to sexual identity, and childhood trauma. At the age of eleven, her family’s home and all of its contents burned to the ground, leaving her with an obsession for... Continue Reading →

Veil Ungesagt (Much Unsaid), 3 of 3

Photo taken by first-time contributor Kate C, a 21-year-old Sociology major turned photographer from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Kate was diagnosed with Rapid Cycling Bipolar I Disorder and anxiety in high school after having a manic episode with psychotic features. Photography has always been her main means of therapy when other forms of help simply did not... Continue Reading →

Love and Deceit

Self-portrait taken by contributor Ro, an 18-year-old from a little village in the northeast of England. She suffers from recurring depression and psychosis. About this photo: "Last year I fell in love with a tiny girl called Bethan, she was beautiful and lovely, and had been my best friend. However things changed when we got together, not... Continue Reading →


Photo by Brenda, a 36 year-old woman currently living in San Diego, California. Photography is her means of artistic expression, but she also find solace in writing. She has been bouncing a story for a novel in her head for over 10 years now dealing with depression and suicide, especially within gay teens. Her partner... Continue Reading →

Hiding the Sadness

Photo taken by Rosie from the northeast of England. She has experienced depression due to many different issues going on in her life. Thankfully she has a wonderful lady in her life now, who is going through depression along with her. They are both improving due to each other’s company. About this photo: "This is me and... Continue Reading →

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