Finding Calm

Photo taken by a woman in her thirties who has major depression, anxiety, and is on the bipolar spectrum. She has been through countless treatments, including tons of medications, an army of doctors, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, and most recently ECT.

About this photo: “Sunsets can be quite calming, and when you deal with mental health issues, finding calm can be important. This sunset helped me find calm on a particularly trying day. I was agitated and frustrated, but also depressed. I needed an escape and I found it in the form of a sunset and taking photos. I have often found that taking photos can help bring me back from difficult mood states so I can deal with whatever people or situations I need to deal with.


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5 thoughts on “Finding Calm

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  1. ‘agitated and frustrated, but also depressed’

    I know that feeling. Very hard to deal with.

    I too find taking photos helps. I can get lost in the process. Am totally present for a while. Everything else falls away.


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