Hold on Tight

Photo taken by Sarah, a 23-year-old woman from Connecticut who was diagnosed with bipolar II a little over two years ago. It threw her for a loop and disrupted her life in many ways. She is not where she expected to be, but can honestly say that she is finding peace about that. The peaks and valleys have taught her a lot about life, friends, family, and more importantly… herself. She’s adjusting to a new normal (or more accurately, lack thereof) and finding great release, support, and escape in the blogosphere.

About this photo: This picture was taken on a recent long bike ride, taken immediately after a therapy appointment when I was advised to “make myself do the things that tend to make me happy.” Anyone who deals with or witnesses depression has some idea of how hard it can be to do anything, whether or not it is something we usually like. But I do tend to find, as on this ride… it’s worth it. It’s all about inertia. It’s so hard, sometimes it seems impossible, to get going… but once I do, I find joy and relief almost without fail, if only for a time.


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  1. Happy riding…I love to cycle too (and what a year for british cycling!). I took up road cycling as a counter point to stress at work. I needed something of equivalent weight on the other side of things, if that makes sense, and I love it.


  2. Several years ago, I went through a very difficult time, probably the worst I’d ever been through. With God’s help and my family and friends at my side, I made it through but it was rough.

    That is when I took up cycling. It that made me feel strong again.My goal became to ride and ride hard to new places I’d never been before and eventually get lost. Then, I’d have to find my way back home. This practice actually helped me inwardly as I felt lost, like I had lost my grounded self.

    Little by little, my life has been rebuilt and I can readily attribute much of that to the times I’d pray on my bike and let it all out. I would keep telling myself on every ride, “You’re getting stronger, Cindy. Don’t look back. Keep pedaling!”

    Well, I’ve now ridden thousands of kilometers and I’ve never felt so strong before in my life. Apart from legs of steel, I am me again and I feel in control of my life.

    All I can say is, I wish you all the best. May your handlebars become your prayer altar and may the Almighty lift you up. 😀


    1. What an encouraging post! Thank you Cindy! 🙂 I have always considered my running an act of worship and praise and a wonderful place to pray… except for when my obsessive behavior and eating disorder distorted it. But with my current stress fracture, I’ve had to bike instead. Time to learn to “make my handlebars my prayer altar” – love it!


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