Something to Laugh About

Photo taken by Josefine, a swedish photography student currently based out of Los Angeles. The reason she decided to pursue photography full time is because she saw the impact pictures can have on people, both by looking at them, and making them. While volunteering for a church program that takes in victims of sex trafficking, she walked alongside a lot of mental struggles. She wants her pictures to be a voice to those that have no voice of their own yet, and to bring out the beauty hidden in the midst of brokenness.

About this photo: “This pic is a part of a series I made called ”diamonds in the rough”. It’s about the sweetest family I know that are living in Watts, one of the largest housing projects in LA. Every day they are surrounded by gangs and drugs and violence, but they have taught me that wherever you are, there is always something you can find to laugh about, someone you can embrace and a lot of things to be thankful for.”


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  1. What a beautiful, wonderful project you have going on here. My mom is a Psychiatrist, and I’ve worked in therapist’s offices, so I’ve been around people with mental illness my entire life. I suffer from depression and anxiety primarily as a result of severe chronic nerve pain in my knees (I’ve had 5 corrective surgeries, but then developed neuropathic issues that are incurable), so I can very much empathize with people suffering from mental illness. They comprise conditions that are not well-understood, and are even MALIGNED or ignored, in mainstream culture. This makes your work all the more special and beautiful.

    Thank you SO MUCH for checking out and Liking my post, “TATTOOS AND SUICIDE.” Obviously something was wrong with my brother when he killed himself, so there’s yet another reason the concept of mental illness hits home with me; I tried to celebrate his amazing, though tragically short, life, though, instead of merely dwelling on the horrid nature of his early death. It means the world to me that you checked it out, that was definitely the most personal and intimate thing I’ve ever posted publicly ❤

    –Love and Liberation–

    Jan @ TheRewildWest


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