Photo taken by a woman struggling with bipolar II and recurrent clinical depression.

About this photo: This photo can mean different things to different people. For me, depression makes me feel broken, and I am feeling very broken at the moment. When I saw the broken shards of this mirror on my bathroom floor, I couldn’t help but think of the potential for hurting myself. Thankfully I am in a place where I did not do that, this is growth, but I felt bad for even having the thoughts. My doctor said it’s normal for someone with a history of depression to think such things. Those reactions are biological, and negative thoughts get stuck in our brains from the past, similar to when people who have been to war jump when they hear a car backfire. We need to just focus on not acting on negative impulses, and not beating ourselves up for having negative thoughts. 

Healing from depression is an up and down journey and we can’t berate ourselves for any steps backwards. We just need to try and continue with positive growth and moving in the overall right direction.

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  1. This photo spoke volumes to me.. To me , it meant if you do not like who you see in the mirror then begin anew. Thanks you! Love the symbolism though it meant something different to me it was wonderful.


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