Photo taken by Rhonda in Southern USA, whose daughter has been suffering from major mental health issues.

My adult daughter recently suffered a psychotic event, nervous breakdown, bipolar tendencies, ocd, panic and anxiety disorder (these are just some of the possibilities, we really don’t know which yet is causing her erratic behavior).  She has been hospitalized twice in the last month. We don’t have a specific diagnosis yet but she is being treated with mood stabilizers, outpatient group therapy and individualized counseling. It is a challenge every day.  Though it is her illness it has affected everyone in the family. There have been mood swings of anger, depression, and silliness. The worst was when she was totally incoherent and I thought she was gone from us forever. She’s here now but struggling…as a mother I want to fix things, put on a bandaid and fix everything. As we all know…its not that easy.

About this photo: I’ve been thinking a lot the last few weeks about feeling safe.  Not feeling safe in your own skin is a terrifying thing to feel and to watch happen to someone you love. I watched her slowly come undone and couldn’t stop it.  It is still haunting me every minute of every day.  I want to make her feel safe but I know she has to learn to trust and believe in herself. She has to do the work…I can only love and support and hold and care for her until she comes back to us.

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    1. Thank you for your concern…some triggers but we never dreamed they would affect her to the extent they have…


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