A Mermaid Tale

Photos taken by a 40+ year old woman diagnosed with Bipolar II and ADD.

About these photos: I photographed the Mermaid Parade this past weekend at Coney Island, even though a few of my medicines are “off” and I was feeling kind of dizzy, confused and agitated in the hot sun.  It was a day of intense color….ups and downs….weird, wonderful, crazy….the way my head feels sometimes when my moods are swinging or when the medicine isn’t working just right….I’m flying or deeply depressed, full of crazy thoughts and ideas. Fortunately, my doctors are working closely with me to fix the problems. 

*Submit photos to Broken Light here. If you’ve ever felt depression or anxiety you can participate. *Now on Facebook & Twitter! Like us for addtl. work, announcements, links, etc.

2 thoughts on “A Mermaid Tale

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  1. What a great account to put with these pictures. You gave amazing clarity to your experience through these views!

    Thank you for posting your collection and explaining the relevance. I understood something I haven’t understood in the past… and yea! because I often wondered what my cousin was experiencing when she’d look at the world with different eyes. This was really, really cool. REALLY.

    Thanks again.


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