Around the Lake

Photo taken by Thirdeyemom, a survivor of severe postpartum depression. She used travel, writing, and photography, in addition to professional help, to fight her way out of the darkness. See more of her inspiring story here.

About this photo: I have spent my life always living very close to a lake.  Growing up in Minnesota, it is pretty easy to be near water as this wonderful state has over 13,000 bodies of water. I took this picture during my daily run around Lake Harriet which is only five blocks away from my home in Southwest Minneapolis.  I run year round and I love to see the changes along the lake front that ebb and flow throughout the seasons.  Spring time is magical as the light has a different kind of power which casts a spell over the azure blue waters of the lake.  I took this photo and formatted it in a vintage look to illustrate how lakes have been a part of my life for many years.  

Seeking photo submissions for the Broken Light Collective. Please submit today.

7 thoughts on “Around the Lake

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  1. I love when people have such strikingly different perceptions of one thing. For instance, I find this image to be full of peace and not eerie at all.


  2. I knew I recognized this lake! I’ll bet you ran past me many a time, and I never knew it (I’m a slow Minnesota runner, but my gift helped good runners to feel like Olympic hopefuls).

    I’m so sorry about the way PPD impacted your life. I had a severe break after my 3rd child, and it was soooo blurry.

    Thank you for sharing. And… be well, friend. Keep running and using those damn indoor lights for the 300 gray days. 😉



  3. Reblogged this on thirdeyemom and commented:
    Hello Readers! As some of you know, I’ve been working as a feature photographer/blogger on Broken Light Collective, a blog focusing on using photography and art to help people affected with mental illness. This week three of my posts are up (attached is the third one. To see all three, go directly to was affected by severe postpartum depression 7.5 years ago after the birth of my first child. Thankfully I was able to overcome it all relatively quickly but there are many people out there who aren’t. I committed myself to helping others who undergo PPD or any other kind of devastating mental illness as if you’ve ever hit the bottom, it is somewhere you don’t want to be! Cheers, thirdeyemom


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