Hare and the Bear

Photos by Lauren Turton from Dayton, Ohio who has recently moved to San Diego, California.  After years of working in the restaurant industry she decided to return to school to pursue her passions- photography and art.  After finishing the program and starting a photography business Lauren realized self-portraits and fine art were her passions and interest within the photography world.  With her knowledge of film photography and love for the digital world she enjoys combining different processes and creating a unique final product.

About these photos: For years I had the same schedule and same lifestyle, when I returned to school at the age of 25 my life completely changed and I experienced deep anxiety issues with the changes.  I was prescribed medication for my anxiety problems which at first was very hard for me to deal with and accept.  After developing a new routine for my life I eventually was able to get off of the medication.  I learned through this time to be open and honest with myself and others about how I was feeling and to not feel self conscious about what I was experiencing.  Anxiety is very difficult to deal with, but deep breathing and thinking positively helped me through this transition time in my life.


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