ZigZag; Scotland

Photo taken by Katy Cummings. I am currently a student in Stirling, Scotland, and an avid photographer, trying to create the foundations for a career in the thing I love most. I have never felt the depths of depression personally, but I have seen it tear apart the families of those close to me, and I love the fact that this gallery provides an outlet for those who have suffered with it so bravely.

About this photo: My photograph features the imprint of a ZigZag on the face of my younger sister. It be a simple image but to me it has many meanings. I was once told that a ZigZag is one of the earliest symbols in human history, and so the symbol to me represents going back to basics. I want my little sister to understand that we are just human as those who created this symbol so many thousands of years ago, and any challenges she may face have been faced before and overcome. 

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  1. This is awesome and knowing the background made an even greater impact. I follow that blog you’re talking about and can attest to the fact that it is truly an inspiration and a tremendous outlet for those who struggle with depression and the like. Thanks so much for posting this. I loved it. 😀


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