Alter Ego

Photo taken by Lexx Adair, 20, from Plymouth, Devon, UK. Her photography and writing speaks to feelings of depression and anxiety, but still maintains the spark of hope.

About this photo: Here’s my final edit for my final in college, for the assignment Alter Ego. The image is very blue, I know.. That’s how I wanted this image, it was to be cold, dark and lonesome/empty. Everything that people don’t see or know about me. Yet I wanted something feminine and elegant about it. I think elegance is a beautiful thing also keeping class is an important thing for a woman.

This image has a few meanings. People say I’m pretty  and personally I think bugger all of myself; I really do. But I’m more than just a ‘pretty face’ or whatever people compliment me as, it’s all I feel like I am to people and also I feel the only thing people care about is looks, there is more to people than their appearance. 

I’ve learnt not to take things to heart anymore or let anything/anyone bring me down. Learn from mistakes and problems. The water symbolises my graduation in feeling lighter and not weighed down. My head is out of the water, I don’t feel suffocating in my own thoughts anymore. The cold/dark colours represent my inner feelings. I’m alone, I’ve always really felt alone but I like being alone, it’s not a problem nor do I see it as something to be upset about. I’m a strong person and independent, I don’t rely on others anymore the fact I am alone shows this also that everything around me is cold. I don’t need people to succeed, make myself feel better or rely on. 

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  1. Stunning photo and I loved reading what it means to you personally. I know perfectly well that “suffocating in your thoughts” feeling. That first breath of fresh air after being underwater is a great way to symbolize your freedom.


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