Image I Present & Image I See

Photos taken by Jim Work, who has struggled with depression for many years. More about him here.

About this photo: I found this purple thistle growing in my driveway. I was struck by it’s beauty and so tried to reflect that image. So often I am presented the glory of nature. Sometimes I see the dark side, but I rarely show that. I am much like the guy at church that greets you with an “I’m fine” and you find out a week later that he has lost his job, his wife left him and he is finding love from a stranger via WWW. I find myself just as phony. I hide my darkness afraid it will scare the hell out of everyone else. Meanwhile, it scares the hell into me.

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6 thoughts on “Image I Present & Image I See

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  1. You never have to hide yourself among the followers/contributors of this blog.You never have to hide from God, who knows your heart. I encourage you to pray to Him and seek wise council. Talk to the pastor of your church. If they are judgmental, find another church. Keep taking photos & keep sharing. There are people here who are non-judgmental & may be able to help you when you need it.


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