Beacon of Hope

Photo taken by Callum Snape, whose sister helps treat substance abusers and people with mental health issues on a daily basis. She is an amazing woman who helps heal people, an inspiration to Callum and us all. Callum is a Landscape & Wildlife photographer who tries to convey a connection to nature through his work. This photo was shot in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada.

About this photo: I captured this image just a few days ago, this was one of the more spectacular sunrises I have seen while living in the Canadian Rockies. On rare occasions like this I can capture a ‘sunstar’ which made it even more special. I do not have any personal experience with Mental Health issues and I will not give any false pretenses that I understand what anyone is going through but the one thing I can relate to and that I would like to remind every reader of, is ‘Hope’. Hope is an emotional state, the opposite of despair, which promotes belief in a positive outcome in One’s life with confidence. I think this is significant and relates to my photograph because even though sometimes things feel unobtainable and out of reach, whether they are personal lifetime or short term goals, they should not be given up on. Hope removes the curtain of fear and allows us to see the bigger picture through creativity and have belief in a better future. Without Willpower & Way-power, Hope would not exist, so have the strength to succeed, have the “Beacon of Hope.”

**Accepting photo submissions for the Broken Light Collective. Submit here.

11 thoughts on “Beacon of Hope

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  1. i love this image, it gives me hope and it gives me the belief that there is more to life also there is the feeling that i can get through my problems, so can everyone around me. this is a positive picture which can only bring positivity to people 🙂
    thankyou for sharing
    keep smiling


  2. I love the calm water, and the reflection in it: frightening, upside down. Beneath, who knows what’s happening! Breaking the surface, dawn.


  3. Really love the light, clouds and reflection in the image. Great tie in to the concept of hope and that even after the darkest night a new day will dawn, giving everyone a chance to start afresh.


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