I shot this photo from a place of depression, and it resonates with those feelings. All of those birds arranged up there, stuck with no space between them, yet infinite space around them. Perched, just moment from potential flight and freedom, but not quite there.

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17 thoughts on “Arranged

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  1. Yes this is a wonderful interpretation of the subject. I love it and I do hope your feeling a little cheerier these days then. It looks damp and cold too in the picture which will add to you feeling of melancholy being aligned with the image xxoxoox


  2. The photo is lovely, made even more beautiful by the expression of your thoughts and feelings! Thanks for stopping by my blog and introducing me to “Broken Light …”


  3. Absolutely love how this was interpreted. “Stuck with no space between them, yet infinite space around them.” I can associate with this, as sometimes I feel overwhelmed by where I’m at in life, then I look around and see that there is hope and endless possibilities! Thanks for sharing and hold fast hope.


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