Photo taken by Giuliano Saade: I have had anxiety and panic attacks for the last 8 years of my life and I manage it by trying to live one day at a time (medication helps of course). I’m 42 and I live in São Paulo, Brasil. I work as a film director in advertising and I love my stressful job. I use photography as a kind of dive into a world that is my own. In there I’m able to tune down the rest of things and focus on this small square where things can be captured and shown around. I love to tell tales and my photos are my tales so far. 

About this photo: I was visiting the area for a shooting session and I saw it laying there. I couldn’t resist. I changed it’s place a bit to get some help of the natural light and I shot it. I didn’t stay long since that’s a kinda dangerous area and if you notice there’s a guy coming from afar. I left before he got close.

Seeking submissions for the Broken Light Collective. Send photos today.

8 thoughts on “Displacement

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  1. This is a great shot. As a film maker you are used to working with light and making the scene look right. Do you ever wrestle with the idea of moving found objects in your photography? I take lots of photographs and very rarely move the objects that I come across as I like to maintain the integrity of the scene. I’m sure that my take is just a personal one. Perhaps it’s the difference between documenting the environment or using it for creative purposes. When I find out that what appears to be a natural subject has been arranged for creative purposes I think it distracts from the authenticity of the scene. I sometimes feel slightly disappointed. As I say I think this is a good shot and I’m just pondering…. Any thoughts…? Best wishes…..


    1. Actually what i love the most is to find a scene of some kind in everyday life. It’s a challenge. I notice that is much easier to find interest in foreign things like when i’m traveling. That’s my struggle. To go out in my city and try to find a foreign eye to my shots. In this particular case, the object was really in a bad spot. Against a little wall around 20 feet from the place of the shot. There was no background to it then and it was in a darker area. So i cheated to tell a better story. :)… Yes…it can be disappointing. But it was a couch out in the open anyway… just not a good shot. Thanks! 🙂


      1. Hi, Thanks for your reply to my comments. I like your thinking about having a foreign eye to your shots. It is a good photograph and I don’t think there is a right or wrong way to approach a shot like this. It’s interesting to sound out others thoughts. I’ll stop off and check out your blog. Cheers


  2. I think if you move a found object in order to photograph it then you are photographing something about yourself and not the found object which has it’s own “right” to be seen as it is. Nothing wrong with moving the object, it just changes the meaning of it somewhat . I don’t move things, just try to capture them as best I can. Great photo anyway. I really like it.


  3. Great pic and yes it looks a bit dangerous plus that guy coming towards you was a bit eerie! I understand both point of view about moving or not moving the subject. I guess it all depends on what you are trying to capture. I usually photograph the element as is, I don’t try to clean it up or make it pretty. My nature images are very raw, what you see is what I photographed and if it has a dead flower with it, well that’s just the point. I like the image very much…


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