Crumbling Face of Depression

Photo taken by a contributor Danielle in Asbury Park, NJ. She has experienced long-term depressive episodes, as well as severe anxiety, and possibly Borderline Personality Disorder. She has tried countless treatments, therapists, and therapies, including hospitalization, but none have quite done the trick. Although she does not feel "better," she feels that she may be... Continue Reading →

Scarlet Forest

Please welcome first-time contributor Jeanne Fiedler, 59, of Washington Twp., NJ. She has been diagnosed with bipolar II disorder. It used to control her life, but no more. She has gotten through it using holistic spirituality, communion with nature and her environment, and positive psychology. About this photo: "This photograph in red represents my coming to terms with my illness, depression... Continue Reading →

Shadow Self

Photo taken by contributor Danielle in NJ who has recurrent depressive episodes. She has lived with mental health issues for most of her life, and has also had close friends and family who have suffered from various mental conditions. She wants to advocate for others, but first she is trying to learn to advocate for... Continue Reading →


Photo taken by first-time contributor Bri, a 20-year-old mother from New Jersey who lives with epilepsy and anxiety. When her anxiety hits hard, she feels the need to flee, which is not always an option. When she was a child and she started to panic, she got into the habit of filling her bathtub with hot water,... Continue Reading →

Moving Forward

Photo taken by a woman who has been diagnosed with bipolar type II. She has recently been cycling between depression and an agitated hypomania. Her medication and therapy are up in the air which is not helping the situation. She feels hopeless and helpless but is trying to stay afloat for her husband and young... Continue Reading →

Geometry of Life

Photos taken by a woman in New Jersey with severe clinical depression. She is currently dealing with her depressive state as well as the effects of hurricane Sandy. She is grateful that her family and house are okay minus power and heat, and feels terribly for those who have it worse. About these photos: "In... Continue Reading →

Splash of Color

I suffer from severe depression and have been extremely agoraphobic for over a year now, so I am in my home almost all of the time. Somehow spring arrived early unbeknownst to me. Yesterday, after much urging by my husband and the people on the TV, I went outside. It was only for about three... Continue Reading →

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