My Light Through the Darkness

Photo taken by 32-year-old contributor Danielle, a woman from the US who experiences depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. She is the mother to one child whom she adores. About this photo: “My daughter is my light through the darkness. I don't want to miss her life due to depression, so there are times when I must... Continue Reading →

Firework Light Paintings

Photos taken by contributor Danielle, a woman in the US. She is on the bipolar spectrum and has experienced unpredictable mood swings on and off throughout her life. She loves taking photos, and using photography in unexpected ways. About these photos: “Fireworks are like the ever-changing moods, thoughts, and emotions of mental illness. They can be unpredictable,... Continue Reading →


Photo taken by a bipolar woman in her 30s, who suffers terribly from depression and anxiety, and recently bouts of anger. About this photo: This was taken last year on July 4th. I was seated in a beautiful park with my husband and baby. This year, my moods have been spiraling out of control lately,... Continue Reading →

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