Photo taken by Sabrina, a photographer based in Toronto, Canada. Sabrina has struggled with depression for over ten years. Six years of denial and another four years of antidepressants, social isolation, and relationship challenges. It wasn’t until she realized anxiety as a major factor that she managed to start properly dealing with the issues. It’s an ongoing battle that she continues to fight with the help of photography, her cat Echo, and her understanding husband.

About this photo: “This photo is one of the first that I took to start off a series of Depression photos. I wanted this series to be about and from others who have suffered Depression or Anxiety but did not have a creative outlet.  But I needed something to show first so I started on some visuals that I felt helped explain my own depression. This was the first.  It’s about the isolation depression can bring.  It’s about the pointing fingers from the people who just say “get over it” or “what’s wrong with her?” It’s about the helping hands that honestly do try to help you (and thank you, thank you to the people who do).  But in the end its all up to you.  You have to be the one to decide to change your life, eat healthier, get exercise, stop ruminating on those thoughts, etc. You have to decide to accept that help – and sometimes demand that help.

Find more at Sabrina’s website, and her Instagram @s.chev_photo


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