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Please welcome first time contributor Layne, an 18-year-old photographer living with Borderline Personality Disorder and dissociation. They have found photography therapeutic and something that helps them think about feelings and make something positive out of it, making it easier for them to deal with having negative thoughts.

About this photo: “This photo is a piece submitted for a project in college to create a photo or series connected to the word ‘labyrinthine’. For my project, I decided to use my experience with dissociation to put into an image what is so difficult to explain in words. Dissociation to me is much like a maze, and I hope that shows in the photograph.”

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8 thoughts on “Dissociation

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  1. Great! It is an excellent perception of photography that leads to recreating the highlights of the nature of a mental condition, a situation that affects anyone. I would expect to see a collection like this sometime in a gallery, you could easily make a drawing based on this.

    I have an invitation for everyone: You are invited to the auction of artistic works at the Prado Museum, during the month of February. They will see works by more than 60 artists such as Thomas Galeotto and Gabino Amaya Cacho.


  2. The photo to me looks hopeful. You seem to be looking for yourself, yet not fully revealing yourself. Love, love, love yourself unconditionally. I like to think of loving the cells of my body that do so much for “me”. Our feelings change, and our miraculous bodies and the cells that make them up are always, always here for us. You are not alone, and you are always supported. Thank you for your creativity!


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