Slow Going


Photo taken by contributor autisticaplanet, a woman in her thirties who has Asperger’s Syndrome and accompanying anxiety related to social and sensory issues. She also has OCD. She writes a blog to pass along lifelong lessons to help those, adults in particular, dealing with Asperger’s. She hopes to help neurotypical people better understand the “complexities within the complexities” of autism spectrum disorders. She has had a passion for capturing images since childhood, when her father bought her a Kodak 110 on vacation. She’s been told that she sees and captures what others overlook or miss. Her work has been featured in the Daily Herald as well as the MAAP Newsletter, a publication for those with ASD and those who love them.

About this photo: “Depression has had me in its cancerous grip for 15 months. A few days per month, I can get out of bed and engage in an activity like photography. Others, no matter how much it hurts to miss out, I know I’d be pushing myself toward an autistic meltdown which could land me in an emergency room. I have also had paranoia near my menstrual cycle in the past year. I hate being conscious of how much my autism robs me of due to sensory sensitivity and overload.

I can’t get very far. I don’t have a shell, but I do have a warm bed, covers and medication if the depression and anxiety gets to be too much. I know I am alone much of the time and cannot get out. Online communication has been a negative and traumatic experience for me. Loneliness in itself brings anxiety and anxiety brings on depression.”

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