Please welcome first-time contributor Becky, a 37-year-old amateur photographer living in Nashville, Tennessee. Dealing with both depressive and anxiety disorders, photography has been an outlet to allow others to see the world through her eyes. Through her lens, even an ugly subject like depression can be made into a beautiful picture.

About this photo: “I wanted to create a photo that depicted what I felt depression and anxiety meshed together looked like to someone who doesn’t suffer from mental illness. Depression makes you feel alone, empty, without. Anxiety makes you vulnerable, exposed, uncomfortable.

Sitting on a wood floor, stripped of everything… a light in my face and a camera pointed at me… yet I still cast a shadow. I face one but the other creeps up behind me. This is how mental illness works. Photography has been a brilliant way for me to portray that.


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8 thoughts on “Exposed

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  1. This is the exact image I have in my mind when ill, although without light. When starting to recover the door opens a crack as i start to let people and the world back in.


  2. These illnesses are far more prevalent than we want to believe, so any exposure (pun intended) is an advance. I speak from both personal, indirect and research experience. Thank you for sharing and please keep photographing.


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