Photo taken by Basil, who was struck by lightning at the age of 11, and was in a coma for eight months. Basil woke with a brain injury, and has had seizures as a result as well as a problem with anxiety. Basil has lived in group homes throughout his life and has been attending a mental health day program for the past 15 years. Basil is 48-years-old now and wants people to know that he is just like everyone else, regardless of how he looks or acts. Photography helps him to express himself. It makes him feel like he has power over his life.

About this photo: “This picture shows what it feels like for me when I am about to have a seizure. I don’t often go out at night, the city lights remind me of that chaos I feel.”



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5 thoughts on “Seizure

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  1. I can’t watch that atomic flashlight commercial. I don’t have seizures, but I do get sensitive to bright lights and can’t be around flashing lights if a migraine is coming on or is.


  2. This hit me hard. I have an intense fear of lightning (some think my reaction is comical). Not only that, I saw a show tonight on electricity play – fascinating but frightening and incomprehensible. I love your colors. Cheers to you for bearing through. Amazing.


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