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Midnight Sea

Photo taken by contributor Craig A. Miller, an author, speaker, photographer, and suicide attempt survivor from Boston. For many years he struggled with OCD, extreme anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. After a suicide attempt nearly ended his life at age 20, he became dedicated to understanding what led him to such a decision, and more importantly how he could gain control of himself and his life to ensure it would never happen again. He published a book in 2012 titled, This is How it Feels: a memoir of attempting suicide and finding life. He is a member of The Massachusetts Coalition for Suicide Prevention and regularly speaks everywhere from libraries to state conferences sharing his story and the steps he took to move forward.

About this photo:

“I let the tides of fate 

Carry you away 

So now I’ll ride that wave 

Until it breaks


And with the stars in our sky 

I’ll make a trail for you 

To Follow me 

When you’re needing to


I’ll be the wish you ask 

On the first star you see 

I’ll be the prayers you have 

When you’re down on your knees


You’ll be the dreams I need

When I’m lying awake 

You’ll be the answers I seek 

When I’ve lost my way


On the shores of you and me 

That’s where I’ll be 

Drenched in my dreams 

Of the midnight sea


I’ll be walking the sands 

Of the kings and queens 

Hoping to find you 

There with me ”


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5 comments on “Midnight Sea

  1. ksbeth
    September 6, 2016

    beautiful and i’m so glad he’s able to use all of that emotion to create a shot like this

    Liked by 1 person

  2. rothpoetry
    September 6, 2016

    Very Beautiful. Both the poem and the Photo!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dreams and Zeros
    September 7, 2016

    Wonderful. Uplifting.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. James Work Photography
    September 8, 2016

    Craig, there is such a sense of rebirth among the splashes of gold dancing admidst the movement in the water. I love the overall violet tone . I guess have seen too many golden days despite having wat too many cooler toned days…..en theos jasL


  5. autisticaplanet
    September 8, 2016

    Gorgeous photo!


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