Photo taken by first-time contributor Cla-c, a 45-year-old wife and mother of four who was diagnosed with Cyclothymia a year ago. She always knew something was wrong with her, and that her actions and words did not always feel like her. Her culture and environment did not allow diagnosis for a very long time. Now she is taking it day by day, and she feels blessed to have an amazing family. She loves her photography, and feels that it is a blessing that she is able to express her feelings through her art.

About this photo: “I don’t know who I will be today. I hope ‘me’. Not the shameful, lonely, paranoid, fearful, depressed girl. I can not tell anyone how I feel. They don’t get it anyway. I will just grow up and try to forget it …But forgetting never comes…”


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  1. I will just grow up and try to forget it …But forgetting never comes…” <–WOW Cla-c, powerful and poignant words! I'm sorry diagnosis was delayed for such a long time but am glad you have the support of family :). Your photograph visually articulates your words so beautifully. Thank you for sharing your story.

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  2. Your photograph and words are fierce and eloquent and revealing — all, for me, very hard to express. So I am terrifically moved by your passion and courage. You are truly gifted in describing yourself through images and text. I hope you continue to photograph and write.


  3. Thank you so much Olivia .the time Im Happiest and least fearfull is when I photograph.I love photographing people .I was always very scared to do portraits i think it`s a tough photography ,and then when i did my first portrait I knew this is what I have to do .Even if its hard ..not like I haven`t done anything hard before ,,right !!


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