The Calm Instead of the Storm

Photo taken by first-time contributor Roge, an active duty Army officer in his forties who suffered from a bought with major depression and moderate PTSD several years ago. Faced with a failing marriage, two beautiful children who he barely knew, and an uncertain military career, he sought help from the military’s behavioral health professionals, and after four years of quality treatment, he is now living in Springfield, Virginia, with his family and a bright future.

About this photo: “On the last morning of a summer vacation in Orlando, Florida, I drove to CoCo Beach (alone) about 0400 in the morning to catch sunrise. Unfortunately for me, a tropical storm off the South Carolina coast produced enough cloud coverage that the sun was nowhere in sight. But there were still a couple dedicated surfers in the water looking for waves. In one instance, I caught one gentlemen sitting in the middle of calm waters just looking into the vast Atlantic Ocean. It was easily one of the most peaceful moments I can remember and made the hour and half drive worth every bit of it. I couldn’t help but think that we were fortunate to being enjoying the calm instead of the storm.” 

Find more from Roge at his website.


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