Photo taken by first-time contributor ​Jesse, a 19-year-old artist who fights depression and anxiety. Lacking close friendships, Jesse found comfort in creative self-expression, especially poetry and photography. After struggling through a year of severe depression, he felt his life fading faster and faster. Jesse finally sought out help in the form of therapy and medication, which have aided in his stabilization and recovery.

About this photo: “Fragile is my desire to be free. I want to be able to go places without anxiety holding me back. The wings and desire are there, but they are too weak to take me. They are twigs, so easy to break and fail me.​

Find more from Jesse at his website.


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6 thoughts on “Fragile

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  1. Really wonderful photo! I was looking at the others on your website – you have a powerful photographic voice. I think you capture so many of the feelings very well. I’ve dealt with clinical depression, anxiety disorder since I was 14; later I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder (though I still think ‘manic depressive’ is much more descriptive), and borderline personality disorder. I can understand how fragile those wings feel.

    I just turned fifty at the beginning of this month, an age I never thought I’d reach. I thought the depression and anxiety would crush me. Saying ‘it gets better’ is sort of true – the more we struggle through, I think we begin to recognize the signs and triggers earlier. Doesn’t mean the depression or anxiety is any less – just, perhaps, a faint light of hope that tells me I made it through last time, so maybe I’ll make it through this time.

    Your photos are very powerful … let your art help you express what words often can’t. You’ve got a lot of talent. Hope to see more of your work.

    Best to you …


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