A Lost One

Photo taken by first-time contributor Street Wolf, a 32-year-old man from Jersey City, NJ and New York, NY. Growing up in Jersey City, he was exposed to many things a young man should not have been… suicides, drug abuse, life threatening situations, to name just a few. After one day experiencing what he described as the hitting of a mental rock bottom, he began to see a psychiatrist. He was diagnosed with Panic Disorder and Major Depression. The medication he was given did not seem to help, and at times made things worse. His battle to remain sane while avoiding that medication has only re-enforced his love for photography. It has completely enveloped him in its artistic expression. He cherishes any moment he has a camera in hand and is out doing what he loves. Throughout his life, he has been called a lone wolf, a style wolf, a sly wolf, a night wolf… and after a visit with a native american tribesman, he was told he has a strong wolf spirit. This, along with his experience on the streets, led to him take the name Street Wolf Photography.

About this photo: “In a fit of a panic attack and feeling the horrific effects of vertigo, I chose to take this picture to show how it feels at times when your mind is telling you that all is lost. I have many tattoos on my body but the most prominent one in this pic is that of the Archangel – Saint Michael on my back which inspires me to be a warrior and to continue my quest to enlightenment. This was taken in my bathroom where I choose as a place of comfort for me. The water helps me to focus and come back to myself. When my episode is over, I sometimes sit there to reflect on how to keep this from ever happening again.

Find more from Street Wolf at his website and Flickr.


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