Photo taken by first-time contributor Javier Gutierrez, a 38-year-old man living in the Basque Country in the North of Spain. Javier works in Bilbao as a psychotherapist and groupanalyst. He works with mental health patients both in the community and in private practice. As a photographer, Javier enjoys exploring the paths between image and emotion. He has seen in his work, and through his patients and groups he runs, how taking pictures can open a mental space of creativity and wellness that can grow in the person taking the picture as well as the people seeing it. He likes taking spontaneous and fresh pictures of subjects in their natural context, often taken in the streets.

About this photo: “In the picture ‘Avanzar’, which means ‘Go On’ or ‘Move Forward’, we can see an aged couple that go on through the street. The morning sun in front of them could be their future or the difficulties we have to go throw in our lives. The light means, for me, knowledge, life… But too much light would blind us, would confuse us and paralize us.”

Find more from Javier at his website and flickr.


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