Photo taken by first-time contributor Evangeline Willis, a 22-year-old woman from Plymouth, England, who has struggled with anxiety and depression. Evangeline uses still life and models in her photography to capture complex emotions. She finds her work to be therapeutic and hopes that it can help others with similar issues. Evangeline would like to change the way society views people with mental illness and to help other people with mental illness to be able to better express the way that they feel. As a sufferer of anxiety and depression, she hopes that her work will help to educate and change views on mental health, as well as help herself along the way.

About this photo: “I have been studying anxiety and depression for my final major project. I wanted to raise awareness through my work and show my audience how it feels to be struggling with a mental health disorder. In this photograph, I overlaid rope onto my subject because in society men are usually stereotyped as strong and independent like how rope is.

Find more from Evangeline at her website.


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