A True Friend

Photography by contributor Katie McLaughlin, a teenager from Connecticut. Katie was first diagnosed with bipolar disorder and anxiety when she was thirteen years old. She has since been hospitalized many times due to both manic and depressive episodes. Thanks to medication, therapy, family, and friends, she is finally starting to live life to the fullest.

About this photo: “It is easy for me to say that my dog is my best friend. His name is Sage and he is the smartest dog in the world. He can always tell when I’m sad and makes sure to keep me company. We have a special bond and a lot of my pictures are of Sage. A dog can show you unconditional love and Sage shows me that everyday. My dog is one of the main reasons why I’m happy and he motivates me to stay strong. I think dogs are so therapeutic and they really do help when you’re feeling depressed. I am forever grateful to have a dog like Sage in my life and I don’t know what I’d do without him.”


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6 thoughts on “A True Friend

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  1. This is a great portrait of an important family member I am also a dog person so I can relate to what you’re saying keep taking pictures of your friend!


  2. What a beautiful dog! I can relate. I sometimes think dogs saved my life. They gave me a reason to get up and go out and re-discover the world. They are definitely one of the best things on this planet and nothing makes me more happy than seeing a happy, joyful dog.


  3. Sage is a beautiful fur baby! So glad you have a companion like him. We’ve rescued five dogs and each one has “rescued” me. They have a way of keeping us grounded and the ability to teach us pure love.


  4. Katie………I totally get the support we get from our canine friends. I am 67 and have never been without a dog. I was taught that dogs were a part of our family and they are. I wish I could have my current dogs as service dogs. While not being trained as such, they can tend to my panic attacks and depression more than any pill or therapy.,,,,,,,,Nice images of your friend Sage,,,,,,,many well ishes…..jasL


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