Running From Myself

Photo taken by contributor Teija, a woman in her thirties from Finland. Teija suffered from a severe depressive episode at the age of 25, which turned into psychosis, and led to a three month hospitalization. Fortunately, she got better quite quickly and got her life back on track. She found love after getting out of the hospital. Her life changed drastically when her partner was paralyzed in December of 2012. It has been hard ever since. They are both fighting to keep from getting too depressed. Life goes on and they try to stay strong. She has been interested in photography for many years, but began actively exploring it over the last five years.

About this photo: “This photograph represents how I feel often, that I am running from myself, trying to be something that I am not. I pretend to be strong lots of times, and actually I am much more weak in many ways that I let others to see.

Find more from Teija at her blog.


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12 thoughts on “Running From Myself

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  1. This photo is really good.
    Once I heard that depression can lead you to death or to enlightment.
    For me whatever expression of Arts is perfect to enlightment, so go on making photos Teija, you are amazing!

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  2. Having followed your blog for so long, I am always confounded at how well you capture and show feminine weakness and strength. This picture is just another great example of that!

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