Photo taken by contributor Hannah, a 21 year-old who has battled depression and anxiety for seven years. She kept her depression and attempted suicide hidden for several years, but has since opened up about her story in an attempt to encourage others do the same. She helped start The Resilience Project to provide a platform for students to share their stories of struggle and strength.

About this photo: “I found this quote on the back of a napkin once: ‘Sometimes when you think you’ve been buried you’ve actually been planted.’ I may not always be able to prevent depressive thoughts and feelings, but I’ve learned how to change my perspective. When I feel overwhelmed and ‘buried’ I try to remember that perhaps I’ve just been planted, perhaps it’s an opportunity for growth.” 

Find more from Hannah at her blog.


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  1. Love your photo and the quote! I have battled depression since I was around your age…well over 30 years ago! My faith helps me deal with it as well as medication and therapy at different times. Be well, keep taking photos and being positive!

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