Self Care

Photo taken by contributor Jacque who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and ADHD. She is a graphic designer, wife, and mother to two boys. She is learning to draw from God’s strength to get her through every day. She has also found art and music to be great healers and outlets for the soul.

About this photo: “I’ve been seeing this cute mother robin everyday. She built her nest under the 45˚ angle over our building entrance. Very nice modern design 🙂 She’s there through the rain and the sun and the wind, feeding her hungry little mouths that are chirping “feed me, feed me” ! But she looks so balanced there on her home.  Just a small reminder to myself that I also need to stop and take time to take care of myself too. Feeding everyone else and not doing the things that I need to do to stay balanced, (like writing and taking pictures) can set my angles all askew…Tweet tweet, thanks Mama Robin for the reminder!”

Find more from Jacque at her blog.


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8 thoughts on “Self Care

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  1. Precious mother Robin :), and beautiful photo, Jacque. I love how you see insights and lessons in the world around you. Creativity can be so cathartic. And you offer up some precious words of wisdom, indeed… we have to nurture and love ourselves first, if we are to give from a place of abundance. And we can’t let our passions go unfulfilled, they give us the strength to get up and over life’s hurdles.


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