Life Blends Into the Street

Photo taken by contributor Yael, a 26-year-old woman who has suffered from anxiety and depression since junior high school. She found at the beginning it was hard to go out and make friends because of her anxiety. She finally got the courage to talk to a neighbor who ended up introducing her to photography. She has been photographing ever since, and finds it to be quite therapeutic.

About this photo: “This is called: Life Blends Into the Street. It was taken in the city along West 57th street. I live in Forest Hills and was traveling from a gig that was unpaid, actually a favor for one of my teachers. This took place at a job fair, and the people I was to be shooting were my peers who also had mental disabilities. When the fair ended… I went with some peers to look for a place to eat, and saw a man randomly selling T-shirts outside of a church. I noticed next to him two doors, one was open. His cane and bag were leaning on the closed door. I found this to be full of life. Usually I am scared to take pictures on the street in public with my big SLR, but with my peers, I felt comfortable enough to pause and take the shot. I am very happy with having taken this pic, even if I was scared. The result is this beautiful picture I have to keep with me always, and share with my friends and family.”

Find more from Yael at her website.


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