Please welcome first-time contributor Ruby, a 20-year-old woman from England who has suffered from depression for the past eight years. As she nears the end of her degree in photography, she has decided to turn the camera on herself to try to understand, and learn to healthily cope with, the depression that overwhelms most of everyday.

About these photos: “I find it difficult to photograph anything other than myself at the moment. I feel self-involved and closed off, but I’m starting to see myself more. Am I drowning, or just treading water.”


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10 thoughts on “Drowning

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  1. This is a beautiful portrait and I love the idea of “treading or drowning” in context with the picture. They relate and accurately describe depression, as its a constant battle to stay afloat. I too suffer from depression and can instantly identify with the picture as if it were myself. And to me, that is when you know you’ve made great art. Keep learning to cope, and keep fighting the fight. You are loved.

    I run a blog on mental illness called “Dear Hope”, join the community here: wemustbebroken.wordpress.com

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