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Welcome to the gallery site of Broken Light Collective. We are artists of all levels and abilities who are affected by mental illness. We create and we share our work for the therapeutic benefits to us, as well as others who may be struggling and feeling scared and alone. Together we can move from disconnected to collective.

Photo taken by contributor Nat, a 70-year-old man who has been interested in photography since he was a child. He has suffered from chronic depression for many years. Usually the loss of a loved one, rejection, or anything that triggers feelings of low self-esteem will lead to a challenging time for him. Lately, he is rediscovering the joy of the act of photography, and waiting for that moment that tells a special story to the casual observer.

About this photo: “I call this ‘Little Boy with Flower.’ It was taken at the Cloisters, NYC, 1960s.”


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17 responses to “Little Boy with Flower”

  1. Merilee Avatar

    This is just fabulous..

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  2. Hank shaw Avatar
    Hank shaw



  3. Anabell Avatar

    Such a sweet picture!

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  4. Greg Mercer, MSN Avatar

    Reblogged this on Big Red Carpet Nursing and commented:
    Isn’t it a wonderful moment in time and space, captured & preserved expertly? That’s photography at its best, yes?

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  5. Ashley Lily Scarlett Avatar

    Such a beautiful image in both form and content.

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  6. Dina Avatar

    Lovely work!


  7. Britta Avatar

    wow, I love the use of negative space and the tiled road and the boys clothes and the shadow, actually I love everything, perfect image.


  8. karen Avatar

    Thanks. I love black and white photographs, especially of people. Why are they so much better?

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  9. kmanderson11 Avatar

    Wonder shot … Moving.

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  10. imaginarytree Avatar

    Simplicity and complexity at the same time. I love the shadow….
    Thank you .


  11. Diana Perkins Avatar
    Diana Perkins

    The depth, the shadow and preservation all all simply amazing! It is my hope that your joyous moments are many ….


  12. eLPy Avatar

    Precious. He looks extra small compared to the road/walkway. In that way he blends in at the same time he sticks out. Good job.


  13. Frances D Avatar

    It is a perfect photo. It’s got everything.


  14. heidispitzig Avatar

    So sweet! And I love the lines in this photo.


  15. maureenjenner Avatar

    Captivating picture.


  16. Nat solomon Avatar
    Nat solomon

    Many thanks for your kind comments.
    Photography is the best medicine!


  17. True Fit Foodie Avatar

    Beautiful photo, and wonderful story behind it as well!


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