Photo taken by contributor Ben. Ben suffers from an anxiety disorder that manifests itself as OCD and Depression. He also experiences especially low moods during the winter months.

About this photo: “This picture is of a spoon which I carved earlier in the year, and spent some time finishing last week.  The wood I believe is cherry, and was taken from a friend’s garden back in the summer when I was visiting for a BBQ with my family.

There is something I find incredibly relaxing about fashioning a product from wood. It requires patience and concentration, yet allows such great freedom of expression.

Wood itself has such a wonderful tactile quality, and it was a pleasure to create this ‘tasting spoon’.  What was of greater pleasure though, was the feeling of giving that I felt in crafting this for a friend.  It was a simple gift meant without any thought of recompense, but rather a wholehearted expression of thanks and appreciation.


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  1. There is something so wonderful about a handmade gift. I think it is because there is so much available for so little these days. Very interesting spoon!

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