Hidden in Shadows

Please welcome first-time contributor Ynne Black, an 18-year-old from the Czech Republic. Ynne has suffered from depression for several years to varying degrees. It causes her chronic insomnia and occasional anxiety. Her main escape from reality is art

About this photo: “This is probably my darkest photography so far. The make-up is meant to symbolize tears, if they only became visible. A person is hidden in shadows, torn and anxious, symbolizing inner struggle and uncertainty what to do – but no one can see it.

Find more from Ynnes at her blog.


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15 thoughts on “Hidden in Shadows

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  1. This photo hits me hard. Someone I know recently passed away by committing suicide. It was very unexpected, but, like the author wrote, her tears weren’t visible to any of us, so we had no idea how severe her inner struggle was. I’ve never personally known how difficult severe depression is, but the main thing I know is to get professional help, medication, and surround yourself with loved ones. These all anchor you back to life.


  2. I identify with Baz’s response. I have gone through times of great isolation, but often help was so much closer than I knew. Thanks for letting this darkness show in your photograph.

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