Closeness to One Another

Photo taken by first-time contributor Andrea Taurisano, a 42-year-old Italian photographer based in Norway. Andrea has recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder type II, which he almost accepted as good news as it finally explained the roller coaster of moods and feelings he continuously experiences. One day feeling super creative, productive, smarter than anyone else, with a burning need to talk, flirt, seduce, and be seen and acknowledged. Next day, feeling guilty, harmful, worthless, terribly lonely and sad, yet wanting to be even more alone, disappear, and be forgotten forever.

About this photo: “This photograph is part of a personal project about the end of a life. It shows love, care, and closeness to one another when we are most vulnerable and in need.” 

Find more from Andrea at his blog.


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14 thoughts on “Closeness to One Another

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  1. So very beautiful! There’s nothing in this world like the warmth of skin touching skin or a hand touching another one. Thanks for sharing this touching photo and for a brilliant interpretation of the challenge.


  2. Fabulous image – I hope you are able to get the ups and downs enough under control so that they serve your creativity and don’t rob you of energy and love of life. Best of luck on your project.


  3. Beautiful image in form and content.
    When I received the bipolar type II diagnosis, after years and years of misery, I was relieved. Partly because it explained why the depression kept returning and partly because with that diagnosis I was finally prescribed some appropriate medications. My life has been somewhat easier since then. I hope you have greater peace of mind too.


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