Soul’s Journey Home

Photo taken by first-time contributor Robert Frank Gabriel, a 72-year-old photographer from Chicago, Illinois. He has been a photographer for some 40 years. Robert has been afflicted with depression, anxiety, and panics attacks off and on for the past 50 plus years. As he ages the depression increases. He has negative thoughts about the future that center around destruction and death of his family and friends.

About this photo: “The Soul’s Journey Home…Perhaps there is an afterlife, and perhaps our souls will meet again. Perhaps…If we found each other on earth, perhaps we will find each other again in the spirit world. Perhaps…” 

Find more from Robert at his website.


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8 thoughts on “Soul’s Journey Home

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  1. I also have the burden of depression and anxiety. As you said, it does seem to get worse the older I get. I completely get the images description. I lost someone a long time ago that gave me a peace I never knew before and have not known since. Despite trying to move on, those memories are always there.

    Thanks for sharing

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  2. Interesting photo and treatment of it. There’s a real dream state feeling here or that of looking back in time. Well done.

    May the New Year bring you more peace in your heart and mind and more relief from the weight of depression.


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