Beautiful But Toxic

Photo by contributor Ben. Ben has an anxiety disorder manifesting itself in OCD and Depression. He also experiences low moods during the winter months.

About this photo: “I often used to enjoy getting out on my road bike to enjoy the light, countryside and the exercise.  Earlier in the year, I pushed myself a bit too hard and have endured a period with pneumonia, and subsequently sarcoidosis.  I have found it hard to get out so much, and with the changes in UK time, the dark winter nights have left me low.

Because I am less able to go out on my road bike while recovering from my lung condition, I have taken to hikes in the hills, and the picture attached is from a recent visit to Dovedale Beck in the Lake District UK.  The mushrooms in the foreground are amanita muscaria, commonly known as fly amanita and are noted for hallucinogenic properties but are also considered poisonous.

The shot itself was rather rushed, but what struck me was the purity of the mushrooms, so colourful and delicate, a warning of both it’s toxic nature, and a splash of vibrancy in the dull autumnal light.” 


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20 thoughts on “Beautiful But Toxic

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  1. Love the photo Ben, shows the delicacy of nature and also the delicacy of our life’s , mornings in the winter are great for photos, I love takin walks in the frosty ground and taking photos. Look forward to more of your pictures:)

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  2. Very cool, Ben. I love the way the mushrooms just stick out from the grass. I found some of these mushrooms this summer and I find it interesting that often the most colorful mushrooms, and thus the most attractive, are the most deadly.


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  3. Beautiful. I love the composition and the way the bright colours of the mushrooms contrast with the gentle colour palette of the landscape.

    I empathise with you regarding the dark days of Winter.

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  4. I was wondering if you would consider taking vitamin D (and if you already do, then asking your doctor if you could double your dose). It is the “sunshine vitamin” and it helps me as I have autism spectrum disorder and SAD (as well as OCD dynamic). Also, do you use a light box? I know they aren’t cheap. Mine cost $200. If you consider using this, consult your doctor 1st and use broad spectrum light. It isn’t a panacea, but it does help. I will pray and hope you have a better winter. You aren’t alone in your seasonal struggles. Beauty does come from suffering…thought the degree of it (struggling) can be less.

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  5. Thanks autisticaplanet, I do take multivitamins and have a light box, although I am not sure how effective the multivitamins are and I am an infrequent user of the light box so not really helping myself much 🙂


    1. I used to take a multivitamin, but found taking Vitamins B & D do a better job. I have a light box too and have to remember to use it 🙂


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