Please welcome first-time contributor Hannah, a 20-year-old from Vermont. After struggling with depression for several years, Hannah attempted to end her life at the age of seventeen. She is now using her story to encourage others to speak up about mental health.

About this photo: “I’ve photographed anything and everything over the years, but I’ve particularly loved taking photos of birds. Looking back, I don’t think it’s coincidental. I’ve always felt trapped in my mind, so it’s no wonder I’ve always been drawn to a creature who embodies freedom.

Find more from Hannah at her blog.


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5 thoughts on “Freedom

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  1. My heart, ears and soul read through your blog post about coming forward. I know what it is like to live behind that socially acceptable face! It hurts so much when all you want is to honestly tell someone how you really feel without any negativity coming back at you. I applaud you for your strength!!!!


  2. Can relate, have suffered with schizophrenia most of life and love walking in the country watching the birds, sometimes envious of there freedom, makes me feel happy if only for a few seconds. Love your photo, be brave and keep taking your photos:)


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