Surf at Sunset

Please welcome first-time contributor John Harney, a man from Perth, Western Australia. John was diagnosed with depression at the early age of 12, but unfortunately due to misdiagnosis of the wrong type of depression, went for many years with the wrong medication. It wasn’t till he was in his late 30’s that he was correctly diagnosed with Bipolar. At that time John began focusing on self control to manage his condition and finding peace behind the camera. John has always been shy and has a serious confidence issue that has held him back from pursuing his surf lifestyle photography further.

About the photo: “This shot was taken on a winters evening in Perth. I always say I am over shooting sunsets, but I always find myself going back. Combining my love of the surf lifestyle and sunsets is my greatest soother. For those few hours I am at the beach, I am free and able to truly show my feeling in my photos.

Find more from John at his website, Facebook and Instagram.


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