Photo by contributor Zoe, a 14-year-old second generation Broken Light Collective contributor. Zoe has experienced ADD and periods of mild depression. She became interested in photography in 2012. Zoe mostly uses herself as her model and takes self portraits to express feelings or concepts that she wants to communicate. Photography is one coping mechanism she uses during challenging times. She is also interested in drawing and other art forms.

About this photo: “This photo represents peacefulness. It represents being at peace with myself. Free to be who I am, and to do what I want to do (to an extent).”

Find more from Zoe at her flickr.


UPDATE: Check out photos from our installation at the Dave Nee Foundation’s suicide prevention gala at Fordham Law School’s new bldg at Lincoln Center (here or Facebook)

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7 thoughts on “Peacefulness

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  1. I agree with Hank. This is a beautiful picture that conveys far more subtlety and complexity than ‘peacefulness.’ Well done!


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