Please welcome first-time contributor Tony Ballas, a man who currently resides in Romney, West Virginia. Tony grew to enjoy photography before being diagnosed with bipolar, but put it away for about a decade. His reintroduction to photography was spurred  by the digital craze and ease of editing and storing the images, and more importantly being able to share them more easily with social media and the web. He finds much enjoyment when people see his photos and can feel similar feelings or their own just by viewing his images.

About this photo: “Chained is the feeling of being locked up, and carrying a big burden around when we are depressed.” 


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3 thoughts on “Chained

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  1. This is a great visual. Your photo gives me a better understanding about depression. I have ASD and have experienced very low times in life, so I can sympathize though depression is not my dx. Blessings! 😀


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