A Beautiful Friendship

Please welcome first-time contributor Miranda, a 19-year-old student who has been living with OCD since childhood. Miranda has only recently been diagnosed and begun treatment but it is looking very hopeful, as improvement can already be seen. She has also suffered with depression in the past, but is feeling much happier and optimistic at this point in her life.

About this photo: “As someone with OCD, an attention to details tends to rule my life. Tracing multiple sets of details as they relate to my various obsessions and compulsions is normally extremely distressing and distracting. However, every once in a while I find joy from my detail-oriented mind. Sometimes it allows me to notice patterns and shapes and colors that others might overlook. I like to capture some of these moments through photography.

Find more from Miranda at her blog.


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      1. Yes, never give up your passion for photography. I have found it to be an instant way to communicate how I feel and see the world around me. Take pictures even in a boring setting. It is a great way to reinforce lessons you are already learning. God has gifted photographers (and other artists) to amplify His beauty (as well as man’s evil) to the world.

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