Derelict School Cottage

Please say hello to first-time contributor Rachel Mathias, a 45-year-old woman from Pembrokeshire, Wales in the UK. Rachel is a long time sufferer of bipolar 1 & ADD. She is a single mother to two teenage boys & carer to youngest son Christopher with autism. Rachel is a world traveller & lover of culture, nature, architecture, design & all things beautiful.

About this photo: “I have taken hundreds of pictures of this little cottage which is in a tiny village here in Wales. It is now derelict although was part of a working school up until the late ’80’s.

I was on a creative roll when I captured this. It’s an intriguing building. Overgrown & wild with floors & ceilings collapsed. I painted the grass purple & added the setting sun as that’s just the way I saw it at the time. My mind was in overdrive earlier this year & I saw beauty everywhere I looked. Unfortunately, I’ve suffered from a creative block following the choice to quit my mood stabiliser. I’ve also had a breakdown but I am finally starting to recover & enjoy art once again.”

More from Rachel can be found on her 500px.


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  1. Interesting image! It’s so hard to go off psychotropic medications – and one feels bereft when the inspiration is gone. I’m glad it’s getting better. It may not look as exciting at first glance, but life closer to the middle road can still have beauty, and inspiration, too.


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