One More Flies Away

Photo taken by contributor Jim, a man from Texas who has struggled with depression for much of his life.

About this photo:

Rest in peace my fellow flyer, no more black dog after you.
Hope you get a seat up front.
I am lifted that at least I know money and fame are not the answer.
Sadden by our lost.
Prayers to your wife, family, close friends and those who knew but couldn’t help.
I made this image shortly after hearing of our loss of Robin Williams. It hit me hard. We were traveling and I was away from home and out of my comfort zone. We went for a walk as the day closed and the evening was starting. I was feeling lost that with all the resources at his hand, Robin ended up losing the battle and the war. I thought what chance do I have? Then the warmth of the reality. It called to me to be aware of the demon that I battle and to never surrender.”

More from Jim at his website.


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10 thoughts on “One More Flies Away

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  1. In my late 20s I began a very long struggle with depression that kept me in the mental health system 11 years, a lot of inpatient stays, as of 1995 after receiving etc treatments I am managing it and living again. Robin Williams once said “It’s okay to think about suicide, but not cool to do it.” Ironic and so sad. His humor got me through so much in my life. RIP. Wonderful photo and blog post. 🙂


    1. Sorry you are struggling, Jim. Remember you are not alone in your struggles. So many of us can sympathize or empathize, and are proof that things do get better, even though it may not feel that way right now. Your wings are not clipped. They just may be stuck under a rock. Once you move that rock, you will soar once again. We are all pulling for you and supporting you, in your beautiful art and in life. Keep creating and getting help as you need it. -D


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