Scarlet Fever

Please say hello to first-time contributor Roshni Ravi, a 24-year-old mental health professional based in Bangalore, India. She is interested in the exploration of existential ideas of hopehappiness, meaning, presence and being in therapeutic practice. Roshni also lives with a diagnosis of clinical depression. She finds negotiating her roles as both a mental health service provider and user an empowering and challenging experience. Her photographic work reflects her idiosyncratic attraction towards birds, the rain and bright colours. When she is not obsessing about life’s eternal quest for meaning, she enjoys baking, dancing and watching wildlife.

About this photo: “I looked up and I saw that irresistible sight. That bright spark on an early morning. The blue sky and the little ball of fire. So tiny. So beautiful. So infectious. Beckoning me to look, again and again and again. Unforgettable. 

Photo Location- A scarlet minivet, captured at BRT tiger reserve, Karnataka.”


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7 thoughts on “Scarlet Fever

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  1. Thanks for this lovely photograph, this moment with this red, red bird. I too am a clinician who has had major depression– and a life full of questions.


  2. A gorgeous image, and it’s gratifying to hear this – “She finds negotiating her roles as both a mental health service provider and user an empowering and challenging experience.” I’m impressed!


  3. @bluebrightly
    Thank you, for your support. It hasn’t/isn’t always empowering.

    Sometimes, it is actually quite frustrating, experiencing the hierarchy between the user and the provider. Being on both sides makes one acutely aware of these differences and power plays.
    There is no dearth of people trying to put you down, saying you are biased and unqualified and don’t know how to negotiate your boundaries. A few years of ‘professional experience’ and fancy degrees appears to accord people the ability and confidence to crush others’ opinions without hesitation!


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