Through The Swamp

Please welcome first-time contributor Hank Shaw, a man in his sixties from Rochester, NY. Hank lost a brother to undiagnosed mental health problems that resulted in suicide. Members of his extended family have also suffered from severe depression. Hank is a professional writer and amateur photographer.

About this photo: “I took this photo at Thousand Acres Swamp near Rochester because it captured my mood and view of life at the time. My wife and I had both lost our fathers. My mother was in rapidly declining health. The country was still intensely affected by a terrible recession. And other people I cared about were struggling with unemployment, depression and other important life issues. The act of photography itself was a great relief during this time. Life has improved dramatically since this point, and the change is also reflected in the images I now seek and capture.”

Find more from Hank at his web site.


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